Monday, May 1, 2023 – 11:30 am

Get ready for the conference!

It’s almost time, and we hope you’re ready for the 28th Anniversary NELC Conference with 3 days of learning, connections, professional development, and inspiration! Below you will find information to help make the most of your 2023 NELC conference experience.

Conference App

The 2023 NELC conference App is available for you to:

  • access the complete conference schedule
  • view session information and speakers
  • download session materials
  • see our 2023 sponsors
  • see the conference attendee list (use passcode: nelc28)
  • get daily updates with need-to-know info, and much more.

Pre-Conference Survey

Help NELC serve our members better and plan for the future. Take this 2 minute survey before the conference begins.

Registration Check-In

The NELC Conference Registration Desk opens at 10am on Tuesday, May 2. All conference attendees, please check-in at the registration desk located on Meeting Level 3 (M3), three levels below the hotel lobby. You will pickup your name badge here and continue onto the scheduled programming… Note for ICAP participants: your registration desk will be located on M1 on Monday, May 1 starting at 10am across the hall from the Georgetown University Room. Please check-in at this desk before proceeding to your session.

Hospitality Suite

Located on the 2nd floor above the hotel lobby, the NELC Hospitality Suite is available to you any time during the conference when you need to step away for a phone call, to send an email, have a chat, or simply take a quick break. The Hospitality Suite door may at times be closed and locked but is still available. One of our conference volunteers or staff members will let you in during these times.

Wi-Fi Access

Available for you throughout the meeting area.
Passcode: NELC2023

What You Need to Know When You Need to Know It

You’ll continue to receive regular email updates for the duration of the conference with key info. This information will also be posted in the Conference Updates section of the conference app.

And if you have questions or need any specific info, please check at the NELC conference registration desk.

See you soon!

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